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Timing is everything?

Alas, it appears I chose an inopportune time to begin a blog that is to include restaurant reviews. For, in order to pen (keyboard?) such a review, one must visit such an establishment.

Thanksgiving travel and office seasonal parties having come and gone, I anticipate a return to my usual at-least-weekly outings to culinary enterprises. I don’t believe a review of the Jack in the Box Hearty Breakfast Bowl qualifies, so I’ll just say that the egg to breakfast meat ratio is a bit high for my taste. It could use a bit more cheese, too.


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One thought on “Timing is everything?

  1. Couldn’t you just make up a bunch of lies and pass them off as culinary review? Who’d know difference?

    I feel that most breakfast fare is lacking in meat content. My poor old grease-clotted arteries disagree and cry for fruit and cereal. @#$% that!!

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