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Were the man-gods messing with me?

A couple of weeks ago, I traded in our Jeep for a Toyota Prius. I guess before I get to the story, a little background information is required. We have a friend who traded in a BMW for a Prius about two years ago, and proclaimed that he had to turn in his man card. Now, to the purchase experience.

As I drove into the Toyota dealership, I was in my Jeep Wrangler, listening to Steppenwolf’s “Ride With Me” on my iPod. Sounds pretty manly, right? Well, after the usual two hour experience of buying a new car, I was ready to drive off in our new Prius. I really didn’t think there was anything unmanly about a Prius, or that my testosterone level would decrease. Then it happened. I started the car, turned on the radio for the drive home (the iPod battery was dead by then), and on comes “Fernando” by Abba. Seriously.

So to summarize:

Enter in a Jeep with Steppenwolf blasting
Exit in a Prius with Abba blasting

At least it wasn’t “Dancing Queen.”


Rambling, Unscientific, Non-Researched Thoughts on Astrology

Millions of people believe in astrology. I have read estimates that as many as 31% of Americans believe. My rational mind says that there can’t be any way that the alignment of the planets and stars at one’s time of birth have any impact on their personality. In my undisciplined thoughts, however, I decided to accept the premise that people of the same astrological sign seem prone to share personality traits. Assuming this to be true, I started to think of alternate theories as to why.

It occurred to me that environmental factors may play a role. People born at a specific time of year would experience different things at approximately the same time in their development. For example, the age at which a child begins school can vary by as much as a year based solely on what time of year they were born. Some children begin to play outdoors at a younger age than others due to the season in which they are born. I can’t help but believe that the introduction to so many aspects of life at varying stages in development contributes to the development of a personality.

This theory-that-isn’t-quite-a-theory may have been studied, and actual scientific methods applied to determining its merit. I purposely didn’t do any research before typing this, because… Okay, it wasn’t purposeful, I was just feeling lazy.

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