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About me?

Okay, so you want to know something about me. Well, so do I. I’m still figuring it out. That’s okay, I believe it should be a life-long process.

For now, I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve found out about myself. If you really want the truth, ask my wife or our beagles. The following are not in any particular order (Well, okay, they are in a particular order, but they aren’t in order of importance.).

1. I don’t understand why some people can’t be nice.

2. I don’t like bell peppers. Or raw onions or raw tomatoes. But especially bell peppers. Bell peppers are the dictator of foods. They take over any dish they are in. If you like bell peppers, that might be okay with you.

3. I have very strong opinions about religion, but I won’t share them here. Well, if I get drunk enough, I might. I’ll give you a hint though, I don’t believe any dinosaur ever wore a saddle.

4. I have a very low tolerance for alcohol. For me, two beers is too much. If I do have two beers, I’ll most likely just grin and fall asleep. So you can disregard the second sentence of 3.

5. I think I’ve gotten off topic, so I promise to get back on track with 6.

6. The answer to the question “The Beatles or ——?” is always “The Beatles.”

7. I’m not interested in competing. I’d be happy if there were a 7 billion way tie. That doesn’t mean I won’t do my best, because I usually will. However, I won’t give 110%, because I understand a bit of math.

8. I have a hard time with the concept that there are multi-billionaires, and simultaneously there are people without a home.

9. Did I mention I don’t like bell peppers?

10. Since I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the music they choose to listen to, I’ll give you a list (again, not in order of importance) of some of my favorite songs (using lyrics as a determining factor).

A) Revolution, The Beatles

B) Ride With Me, Steppenwolf

C) Let It Be, The Beatles

D) It’s Never Too Late, Steppenwolf (Are you sensing a trend?)

E) Share The Land, The Guess Who (Ha, got you!)

F) Let It Be Me, The Indigo Girls (Sounds like it would be a combination of Let It Be and Ride With Me. It’s not.)

I think you get the idea.

11. All of the above are subject to change as I find out more about myself. Except the bell peppers.

I guess I should also tell you about the name, Eat Write and Exorcise.

Some of my blabbering will be reviews of restaurants. Don’t expect any sophisticated critique, just whether we enjoyed the food and the place. Well, maybe a little more than that, but still in non-foodie terms.

I’ve always used writing as a way to, you guessed it, exorcise my demons. In the past, it’s been on little scraps of whatever paper was nearby. Now, some of it will be here. Some of it will still be on little scraps of paper, because some demons should be exorcised quietly, without notice.

I hope you enjoy it, or at least you don’t try to get me committed.

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