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Were the man-gods messing with me?

A couple of weeks ago, I traded in our Jeep for a Toyota Prius. I guess before I get to the story, a little background information is required. We have a friend who traded in a BMW for a Prius about two years ago, and proclaimed that he had to turn in his man card. Now, to the purchase experience.

As I drove into the Toyota dealership, I was in my Jeep Wrangler, listening to Steppenwolf’s “Ride With Me” on my iPod. Sounds pretty manly, right? Well, after the usual two hour experience of buying a new car, I was ready to drive off in our new Prius. I really didn’t think there was anything unmanly about a Prius, or that my testosterone level would decrease. Then it happened. I started the car, turned on the radio for the drive home (the iPod battery was dead by then), and on comes “Fernando” by Abba. Seriously.

So to summarize:

Enter in a Jeep with Steppenwolf blasting
Exit in a Prius with Abba blasting

At least it wasn’t “Dancing Queen.”


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7 thoughts on “Were the man-gods messing with me?

  1. Culture Club would have been good, too.

  2. It takes a REAL man to listen to Abba!

  3. Maybe a death metal Abba?

  4. Scott, this post is hilarious! When I was looking to buy a new car last year, I had my heart set on a Jeep Wrangler. I’ve wanted one since I was a kid! Alas, I ended up getting a VW Bug (also a car I’ve wanted since I was a kid). I like to listen to ganster rap loudly with my windows down when I’m driving around in my Bug; it usually confuses people.

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