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Braino, for the toughest clogs.

I have a sixth sense. Unfortunately it’s only an extra sense of smell.

Is a sense of humor a sixth sense? Where does it stop? Sense of style? Direction?

I met a man with kind eyes, but his mouth was an asshole.

Panic value should not be a medical term. How about “calmly deal with this situation immediately” value? Medical personnel shouldn’t lose their cool in an emergency.

Which is it, “In for a penny, in for a pound” or “Don’t throw good money after bad?”

How can it be good to have a big heart but bad to have an enlarged heart?

I have arrhythmia of the heart. And of the feet, legs, and arms.

A tender heart makes one a good person. A tenderized heart makes one a dead person.

How is “Your heart’s in the right place” a compliment? It just sounds like good news from the cardiologist. If your heart is in the wrong place you’re screwed. Particularly if it’s in the microwave.


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