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Unleashing my inner twelve year old.



You’re made of meat,
so I’m sure you’d be quite tasty.
But you’re too cute to eat,
So let’s not be so hasty.

The butcher charges by the pound,
and the economy’s not doing well.
But you’re such an adorable hound,
that I fear I’d burn in Hell.

Your trust would make you easy prey –
but would it, for one with moral sense?
Or is it weakness that makes us say,
instead we’ll share our pittance?


Education Doesn’t Always Help

Even pedants
When their bladders are full
Will do the pee dance
‘Cause they’re so uncomfortable


Angst in My Pants

Got angst in my pants
My girlfriend can’t stop gigglin’
Got angst in my pants
No reaction to her wrigglin’

Got angst in my pants
Don’t know why she thinks it’s funny
Got angst in my pants
She can’t get none from her honey

Got angst in my pants
The blue pills just aren’t workin’
Got angst in my pants
Though she’s diligently jerkin’

Got angst in my pants
We’re gonna try to get some sleep
Got angst in my pants
So now I lay here countin’ sheep


I will now attempt to reign him back in. Wish me luck.


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