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Haiku for the Masses

Definitely not my best effort, but as the name of the blog implies, there are some things I just have to get out of my head.

Limericks Masquerading as Haiku

A low branch protrudes
Pants stretched beyond their limit
His penis exposed

A Nantucket man
His penis is very large
A Limerick born

Why-ku? (or why the hell would anyone write Haiku?)

Five short syllables
Followed by seven, then five
What’s the fucking point?

Such short poetry
Yet such great capacity
To annoy us all

Why do I write them?
I have not chosen this form
They come unbidden


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One thought on “Haiku for the Masses

  1. Fits my arrested development perfectly. If someone has done a limerick to haiku before u, I haven’t seen it.

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